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Can Your Business Benefit from SMS marketing? In a nutshell, yes! Here is just a shortlist of how SMS marketing can be used:

  • Dentists can text patients when there is a cancellation for an appointment. Appointment reminders and annual checkup reminders can be sent out as well, cutting down on the time spent on making phone calls and leaving messages.
  • Restaurants can send out specials and reservation reminders, while building a robust mailing list (perhaps by giving away free drink for opting in) all at the same time. Added bonus? Create specials on the fly to drive foot traffic during slow times.
  • Mortgage brokers can text rates, which often fluctuate daily. This is a HUGE value added benefit for potential new clients looking to lock in on the best possible rates.
  • Repair shops and service departments can text messages out to patrons to let them know when their vehicles are ready. If a repair tech finds something else that needs repaired, he can shoot a quick video showing the problem, (dirty air filter, abnormal tire wear, etc.). Can we say great upsell opportunities?
  • Real estate agents can text virtual tours of houses and appointment reminders.
  • Churches can send bible verses to congregation members for inspiration. Event reminders and requests for prayers can also be sent on the fly.
  • Hair salons/spas/tanning salons/massage therapists can text about openings, cancelations, appointment reminders and specials.
  • A town/city can send messages to residents about special events, street closures, power outages and emergency information.
  • Schools can send notices about special events, as well as sporting events.
  • A jewelry store can send notices to promote specials during holidays, birthday reminders, anniversary reminders – and more!
  • Shoe stores and clothing shops can send coupons for discounts, as well as alerts when new inventory comes in.
  • Car Dealerships. Imagine having a particular keyword tied to each car on the lot. When someone walks by a car they like they can text message the specified keyword and learn more about the car. The advantage to you, the dealer, is that you can collect the mobile phone number of a prospect interested in that car.
  • Book clubs can send text messages whenever a new book comes out.
  • Deal Sites can use our platform to text subscribers the deals of the day – the user can simply click on a link to purchase the deal.
  • Businesses can use text messaging to alert staff members of meetings, send meeting reminders, congratulate employees for sales closed/promotions, and alert employees of IT outages and emergencies.
  • Pet Groomers can send messages for promotional offers, as well as appointment reminders. Owners can be texted that their pets are ready for pickup.
  • Pawn Stores can send a reminder that they want their money – or they are sending someone to the house. Just sayin…
  • A print shop can send a text message to notify customers that proofs are ready or that a job is printed and awaiting pickup. Same thing for photographers.
  • Businesses can text a link to a customer survey after service has been completed. Answering a text can be done in a spare moment. Going to a computer or filling out a form three days after service – not so much.
  • Travel agents can send texts out any time there are new travel packages or deals. Can also send out reminders about payments due, updates about trips booked, etc.
  • Political Campaigns can send messages from a candidate on positions, events and how to get involved.
  • Car Washes can text specials and build opt-in lists.
  • Car rental establishments can text appointment reminders, upgrades available and time the car is due back.
  • Doctors/Vets can send follow up video messages outlining specific therapy/meds so that the patient doesn’t forget or so that a spouse who wasn’t there for the appointment understands what the doctor said. Text can also be used for appointment reminders and annual checkup reminders.
  • Chambers of Commerce/Associations/Nonprofits can text messages to members about upcoming events and news.
  • Insurance agents can send text messages when policies will renew, as well as changes in premiums.
  • Flower shops can text specials, confirmations of delivery – and more!
  • Accountants/CPA’s/Tax prep services can send reminders about filing deadlines, scheduling appointments and actually showing up for them.
  • Sports teams can text reminders about practices, games and cancellations/reschedules.
  • Day Care/Private Schools can send text messages letting parents know if a child is sick, if there is homework or a big project due. They can also send reminders about forms that need to be signed, as well as class trips.
  • Landscapers/home cleaners/pest control can send appointment reminders and specials.
  • Gyms can text messages about specials, personal training reminders and openings.
  • Dry cleaners can let their customers know when clothes are ready for pick up.
  • And much, much more…

SMS marketing is the wave of the future. And set-up is much easier than you think. CONTACT US today to learn more.

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