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  1. Texas Longhorn cattle fit and thrive in desert environments. This is an educational, cattle-crossbreeding and research project that is helping Israel, Jordan and East Africa.

    1. Longhorns can eat invasive shrubs and cacti (decreasing fire hazards).

    2. Longhorns have higher reproduction rates and very low loss rates.

    3. Longhorns have excellent calving and mothering abilities.

    4. Longhorns solve the problem of rising feed costs.

    5. Longhorns protect their calves from predators.

    6. Longhorns are highly resistant to diseases.

    7. Longhorns will use less land and less water.

    Problems in Israel Beef Cattle industry

    1. Their European cattle are failing to thrive in Israel’s desert environment.

    2. Poor disease resistance, genetic diseases and high losses due to predators.

    3. Soaring feed costs, as they do not eat shrubs, tree leaves, or cactus.

    4. Calf losses as high as30% and low reproduction rates.

    5. Poor mothering skills and birth complications.

    To solve these problems we are creating a small self-sustainable herd of Texas Longhorn cattle.

    We will be using 22nd century cattle handle methods called, Stockmanship and ecological grazing techniques called Strategic Grazing. Both will be taught to Israeli, East Africa and Jordanian Ranchers. See below…

    Stockmanship or a Method of Creating Happy Cows or Cattle

    A method of moving cattle without stress, it is a method that uses the cow or herd’s body space. Just like in people when someone gets to close to you, you move away from the pressure. Cattle do the very same thing. We use pressure and release with the cattle simple by moving into their personal space and then releasing the pressure by moving out. This causes then to yield to the pressure and move off in the direction we asked for. This can be use for any kind of herd animal. Once the pressure is released the animal feels relief and stays in the pasture section where you placed them, until you move them again. Animals demonstrate a positive and pleasurable response to this method of movement, “Stockmanship”.

    This method of animal handling also improves meat quality, increasing tenderness, increasing meat quantity. It decreases disease and meat deformity and discoloring. There are fewer dark cutters therefore, 30% more kosher cattle.

    Strategic Grazing
    A rotating method of grazing using every part of your pasture, one section at a time allowing grass and plant life to restore itself.

    Dividing your pasture into equal parts and graze your herd in each area separately before moving on to the next. Resting grazed areas for days, weeks or even months, restores plant life. This can be done with electric fencing or even better with “Stockmanship”.

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